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Carlos Quevedo
Carlos Quevedo
Cover art / Character Design.
Tuluá, Colombia


I’m a digital artist Based in Colombia, my main focus is Photo-manipulation and Digital painting. In my design process I mix photographic material (stock images, textures, own photos, painting and even 3D elements) to create illustrations from my own perspective. My characters are gods, saints, profane entities, they form part of a spiritual world, there is darkness but also a lot of light. The lost faith and decadence of religion is one of my main subjects, also the seek for redemption and the attempt to reach divinity.
Currently I work as a full-time cover designer and I have contributed on projects for several editorials from around the world, such as Random House, Bloomsbury and Scholastic press.

Advanced Photoshop, Photoshop Creative, PsikeArt Magazine, 2Dartist, Digital Dreams, Exhibition 2016, ART OF Magazine, Oracom Editions, Fantastic Illustration 4, A5 Magazine, Basic Magazine, Design Fest Mexico, 500 Music art artbook, Wacom Gallery (Behance), Deviantart, Abduzeedo,


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